District Officers

Current District Two Officers:


  • (6/7/92) Election for offices will be in October each year to allow officers to attend October Quarterly.
  • (9/2/90) That the Third Legacy Procedure as outlined in the Service Manual be the method of electing offices, committee chairmen, DCM‟s and Alternate DCM‟s in District II of the South Florida Area of Alcoholics Anonymous.


  • (1/12/97) The people who can vote and make motions at the District II business meetings are:  GSR‟s, Alt. GSR‟s, DCM‟s, ACM‟s, District Officers, standing committee chairpersons, appointed committee chairs (including Ad Hoc Chairs).  The District Chair only has a vote as a tie breaker.


  • (09/2/90) 1) Eligibility for election to the offices of Chairman, Alternate Chairman, Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary, and Treasurer is set at five (5) years of sobriety and service experience as a past or current DCM, past or current Alternate DCM, or past or current GSR.  Should any office be unfilled because no eligible members remain standing, the Chairman may ask if there are others not meeting the requirements that wish to serve.  If so, the person wishing to serve may stand and qualify himself.  The district members will then vote whether or not they wish to modify the eligibility requirements in the particular instance and ask this person to serve.