Public Information / Cooperation with the Professional Community (PI/CPC)

What is Public Information/Cooperation with the Professional Community work?

Public Information / Cooperation with the Professional Community in Alcoholics Anonymous means carrying the message of recovery to the still sick and suffering alcoholic by informing the general public and the professional  community about the AA program.  We carry the message by getting in touch with and responding to: the media, schools, industry, civic organizations, churches, government agencies, social workers, educators, counselors, doctors, nurses, hospitals, those working with alcoholics in a professional position, AA members, and other organizations which can report on the nature and purpose of AA and what it can do for alcoholics.

How do we do it?

By distributing meeting lists and other AA literature to appropriate public places like libraries, hospitals, schools, senior centers, etc.  By keeping literature racks filled and meeting lists up to date.

By distributing contact cards.  Cards can be used to provide a telephone number and/or website information.

By visiting schools, local businesses, church and civic groups, adult care facilities, hospitals, professional organizations and giving a brief talk or showing a conference approved movie.

By staffing an AA booth at health fairs.

By encouraging the AA membership to carry the message of AA to those people in their own spheres, like their clergy, their doctors, their teachers, their places of work, their social organizations.

By submitting appropriate articles to newspapers, organizational newsletters, professional organization newsletters and journals.

By taking out ads in community publications or on billboards.  

By providing Public Service Announcements to local cable television stations, local college radio stations, movie theaters. 

By putting meeting lists behind the front desks of hotels, motels and bed and breakfasts.

By fighting apathy within the Fellowship and encouraging members to get involved in service work.


What do we need?

YOU!!!  We need people who can take part in our many and varied programs.  We need people with an assortment of talents and skills.  We need people who will make a commitment.  We need people who want to give something back.  We need people who want to help carry to the public and professional community the AA message of hope: 

“There Is A Solution”

How Can you Get Involved? 

The District 2 PI/CPC Committee meets monthly!
See Main Committee Page for meeting dates/times

Any Questions, please email us.

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