District 2 has numerous Committees, each with service opportunities! There are both Standing Committees which typically meet monthly to handle ongoing District needs; and there are temporary Committees put in place to plan events. You can attend regularly or attend and offer to help with specific projects instead. If you are interested or your Sponsor is suggesting that you find service work, reach out to the contact email for any committees you are interested in. To keep it you have to give it away!

Contact info:
When:  Third Tuesday of each month at 6PM
Where:  Virtual – Zoom

Contact info:
When: No standing meeting; service opportunities are available

Area Quarterly Committee
When: To be formed 9 months before next assembly that District 2 hosts

Carry the Message Day
Contact info:
When: Coming Soon 

Central Office Liaison
Contact info:
When: Central Office meets the 2nd Tuesday of every month @ 7pm
Where: Virtual – Zoom
8019 N Himes Ave, Suite 104, Tampa, FL 33614-2712

Communications Technology
Contact Info:
When: Same Sunday as District Meetings 1:00pm – 1:45pm
Where: Virtual – Zoom
Zoom Meeting ID:  962 6896 1514
Password:  District2

Current Practices
Contact info:
When: 3rd Tuesday of the Month at 7PM
Virtual – Zoom
Zoom Meeting ID: 881 8592 8987
Passcode: current

District Dispatch
Contact info:

Contact info:
When: Fourth Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm EST
Where: Virtual – Zoom
Meeting ID: 980 6131 4288
Passcode: Money
*Note- the March 2024 meeting will be held Monday 03/18/24 @5pm 

Contact Info:
No standing meeting; service opportunities are available

Gratitude Dinner
When: TBD

Contact info:
When: Specific dates and times listed on the Committee Web Page

New GSR Orientation
Contact info:
When: Same Sunday as District Meetings 2:00pm – 2:45pm
Where: The Club @ 3333 W Columbus Dr Tampa,  FL 33607

Public Information & Cooperation with the Professional Community
Contact Info:
When: 3rd Saturday of every month 9:00am
Where: Virtual – Zoom
Zoom Meeting ID:  927 439 9087
Password:  5wnNy3

TBAIC/Institutions Liaison
Contact info:
When: Second Saturday of each month  9:30 am
Where: Virtual – Zoom
Zoom Meeting ID: 345 781 6796
Password:  274T4N