District Treasurer

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The District Treasurer is elected by the District Two body.

  • Scope: The treasurer’s responsibility is to collect, deposit and maintain the financial records of the District.
  • Procedure:
    • They account for all monies received and distributed.
    •  Distribute and report income and expenses for preceding month at each District II business meeting.
    • Distribute and reports income for preceding year each January at District II business meeting.
    • Supervises basket collection at District II business meeting.
    • Attends Treasurer’s sharing session at Area business weekends.
    • Provides Finance Committee any request for funds at budget time.

Group Contributions can be mailed to :

District Two

P.O. Box 20623

Tampa, FL 33622

Area 15 Contributions can be mailed to:

Area 15 Treasurer Panel 69

P.O. Box 1784

Pompano Beach, FL 33061