Website Committee

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To create a District Standing Committee responsible for the creation and maintenance of the website.  This committee shall be chaired by a web servant, to be appointed by the District.  The committee shall also consist of additional voting members:

  •  Members should be anyone willing to serve, preferably with a service background.
  •  Some technical knowledge about the internet is a plus
  •  These members will not be funded by the District
  •  The committee chair shall receive one night’s lodging, unless otherwise funded
  •  The web servant shall also present a report to the District II body during the monthly District II Business  Meeting;

Create and maintain a website to be located at for the purpose of serving the General Service District II body.


To provide:

  • Information on District II Business meetings, and directions
  • Information on Area Quarterlies, including the upcoming host district’s flyer
  • Hyperlinks to any AA World Services websites, such as the General Service Office’s, located at, The Grapevine, located at, Area 15, located at
  • A disclaimer to be found upon exiting the website to the above listed links
  • Anonymous e-mail addresses of all District II Officers, Committee Chairs and DCMs for the purpose of efficient district communications and congruity in rotation. (e.g. , etc.)
  • An individual page for each District II Standing Committee, Officers and SubDistricts for the purpose of information on District II events, workshops committee meetings, and activities, etc.
  • In the spirit of cooperation, the web servant would be responsible for preparing a monthly report to be presented for consideration to the District II web site committee which shall include:
    • updates to the website
    • website activity
    • summary of requests and correspondence
    • Any major change or addition of the website’s content must be approved by the District II body


The website shall be maintained in accordance with the Traditions, the Concepts and District II‟s current practices

The content of the website shall include the most up to date copy of the District II “Book of Current Practices” and the “Legacy of Service.” These shall be available for download in Adobe Acrobat format.